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Home remodeling is an exciting process that introduces many new and innovative possibilities. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, it’s important to seek the help of experienced professionals. With our knowledge and advice, your new project will become exactly what you envisioned. Don’t risk overlooking the important details. Work with our remodeling experts to complete the project of your dreams.

The renovation process

Crown Construction has worked on many renovation projects for clients throughout Dryden, NY, and the surrounding areas with spectacular results. With our years of experience, we have compiled a summary of the renovation process to help prepare you for your upcoming project.

Kitchen design

We work closely with you to create a kitchen as personal as your signature. There is a lot to consider and decide, but with the expert help of your kitchen design team, the selection process will be enjoyable and your completed kitchen magnificent.

Bathroom design

Are you looking to update your bathroom design? Crown Construction will help you redesign and renovate your bathroom so it perfectly suits your tastes and meets your needs. From start to finish, our trusted remodeling team can design and create the master bathroom, powder room, guest bathroom, or second bathroom of your dreams.

Finished basements

By reimagining your basement, you can bring new life and function to the area. Through vision and smart design, this space can add distinguished purpose for family living and enjoyment. Entertainment areas, home theaters, exercise rooms, play areas, new bedrooms, and bathrooms are just some of the types of basement renovation projects we have completed for the Dryden, NY, community.

Home accessibility

Accessibility in homes is often overlooked until it is needed. Our certified aging-in-place specialists can design safe and attractive solutions that give you easy access to all areas of your home. Access ramps, accessible bathroom, residential elevators. Make sure your home is both accessible and comfortable to your friends and loved ones by making the appropriate changes today.

Windows and doors

Windows and doors work to serve multiple purposes in your home. Not only do they protect you from the many harsh elements outside, but they also add style and efficiency. By putting the right windows and doors on your home, you can dramatically improve energy efficiency and customize your home design to suit your aesthetics.

Whole house renovations

Renovating your house is an exciting project that offers endless possibilities from design to function. If you have a dream house design in mind, allow the experts at Crown Construction to give you a hand. The process of whole house renovation can be tricky and requires experience. We are a knowledgeable team that is thrilled to be part of a life-changing process. Let’s begin the transformation today!

Custom cabinetry and installation

Custom cabinets are the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen or bathroom. With numerous colors and materials available, we have the beautiful cabinetry that is sure to match your unique style. Over many years, we have helped countless clients transform their living areas into true masterpieces. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, make sure to browse our gallery using the link above.

Finished carpentry

Customizing the flooring in your home offers a great opportunity to tie the house together. With many materials available, Crown Construction provides carpentry service with endless possibilities of style and design. To learn more about our expert carpentry service, please feel free to contact our team.

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