Summertime is roofing time!


GAF Master Elite® Roofing Contractor

If you’re like most homeowners, you haven’t thought about your roof for about 10-15 years.  In that time roofing has changed … it’s no longer just tarpaper and shingles, it’s an entire “roofing system” made from high tech / high performance materials.  Whether you need a roof repair or a whole new roof, Crown Construction Inc. has the products, experience and knowledge to install a roof that will protect your home for years to come.
Crown Construction Inc. is a Master Elite® Roofing Contractor for GAF… the largest roofing materials manufacturer in North America.  Our crews of experienced roofers install GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System® which is backed by the best warranty in the industry.  The GAF Lifetime Roofing System® materials provide you the best protection against a variety of roofing problems.  Plus, our strict adherence to the GAF required application standards means your roof is installed to last!

As a GAF Master Elite® Roofing Contractor, Crown Construction Inc. has committed to GAF-specific principles and values in our business processes, warranties, training and installation best practices.  With more than 125 years in business, GAF is the only company that engineers, designs, and manufactures all of the components needed to make a superior product for your complete roofing system.  Having one source and one system provides for a completely integrated product from one source.

The GAF Materials Corporation products we use are backed by the best roofing warranties in the industry.  A commitment to providing you with an effective and comprehensive roofing system that delivers protection for years to come is the hallmark of membership in the select national group of GAF Certified Roofing Contractors.  And because Crown Construction Inc. is a certified roofing contractor, you are assured that GAF manufacturer warranty coverage on installed roofing materials is fully valid.

As a GAF Master Elite® Roofing Contractor, Crown Construction Inc. has the experience, know-how and access to the right products for your home which means that you’ll receive superior warranty coverage from the manufacturer in addition to the labor warranty from Crown.

Don’t trust your biggest asset to just any contractor.  A GAF Master Elite® Roofing Contractor is your best and safest choice! For superior performance and protection of your home, let Crown Construction Inc. install a complete Lifetime Roofing System® from GAF.

You might also want to try GAF’s interactive “Virtual Home Remodeler” where you can “try on” a variety of GAF shingle options on your home to see which one you like the best.

Learn more and compare GAF Roof Warranty Information at

Concerned About Your Roof?

Learn about the Key Danger Signals of a failing roof at

If your roof is showing any of these symptoms, call us today at 607-844-3993607-844-3993! We’ll schedule an appointment to have one of our roofing specialists inspect your roof and help you select the right roofing system for your home.

Roof Inspections:

The old saying about “an ounce of prevention….” is certainly true about roofing.  Regular inspections of your roof are a must as they can identify problems early, giving you time to take action before a crisis occurs.  It’s also a good idea to inspect the roof after any severe weather such as hail storms.  Hail damage is difficult to see from the ground and usually requires an up-close inspection by a professional.  A failing roof can allow moisture to penetrate the surface, which, over time, will cause permanent – and costly – damage to the structure of your home.

Our experienced roofing specialists can recognize condition issues, properly diagnose the cause(s) and advise you on any repairs needed to extend the life of your roof or the best options available if a full replacement is necessary.

We Know The Signs Of Trouble:

  • Stained Rafters In The Attic
  • Soggy Insulation In The Attic
  • Sagging Rafters And Roof Decking
  • A History Of Ice Dams In The Winter
  • Cracked, Curled Or Missing Shingles
  • Excessive Algae Or Moss Growth
  • Loose Or Missing Flashing Around Vents And Chimneys
  • Cracked Caulk On Flashing
  • Cracked Rubber Boots Around Vent Pipes
  • Missing Or Failed Gutter Systems
  • Excessive Amounts Of Shingle Granules In The Gutters

Don’t wait until you’re looking at blistered ceilings, streaks down your walls, puddles on the floor or yet another winter ice dam!  Call Crown today for a no-cost inspection of your roof and let us put together a repair or replacement plan that will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the roof over your head is doing its job to protect your home and family!

Emergency Repairs:

Given the harsh and unpredictable weather in the Ithaca, Cortland and Syracuse areas of Central New York State, protecting your home from Mother Nature’s harmful effects is critical.

When your roof suffers damage as a result of severe weather, hail, falling trees or ice dams, you shouldn’t wait to make repairs.  Call Crown Construction immediately for a quick response to stop leaks, prevent further – more costly – damage and restore your roof’s ability to protect your home and family.  Our roof repair experts can make short-term repairs to prevent further damage.  We’ll also work with your homeowner’s insurance agent to document the damages and develop a plan for permanent repairs.

When disaster strikes, don’t delay and risk further damage – contact Crown Construction Inc. right away!

What To Expect During Your Roofing Job

  • A new roof is a major renovation to your home so we will go over all job details prior to installation.
  • We will have proper insurances with current coverage.
  • Our professional roofing license will be up-to-date.
  • When we arrive at your home, we will try not to disturb you and your neighbors.
  • We have a NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL policy in our company.  No employee will use drugs or alcohol during working hours.
  • We will not play loud music while on your job.
  • We will not enter your home without direct permission from you if access to the attic is necessary.
  • We will do our best to cover your walkways, bushes, flower beds and exterior walls to protect them from damage.
  • Dust and dirt may filter down through the roof deck onto items stored in the attic – especially if spaced boards were used for the deck.  We recommend that you cover valuable items in the attic to protect them from dirt and debris.
  • Please remove valuable objects from your walls, occasional shaking could jar them loose.
  • Satellite dishes, etc. on the roof may need to be removed, but will be reinstalled by us.  You may need to reprogram it.
  • Cars should be parked away from the work area for protection from debris and so that they will not be blocked-in by the dumpster or our work vehicles.
  • Removal of the existing roof may be needed for one or more of the following reasons:
    • Too many layers of old roofing material (max allowed is 2).
    • The exposed shingles are badly warped or buckled and will not provide a smooth enough surface for the new roof.
    • The underlying roof boards are deteriorated and need replacement.
    • There are significant algae or moss growth on existing roofing.
  • During the process of removing the old roof and installing the new one, there is a short period of time when there is no roof on the house.  We make every effort to keep this exposure period as short as possible and use temporary protection, as required, but with unexpected weather, you might experience a leak.  We are responsible for any damage that might occur, but it may still be an inconvenience.
  • A roof removal is extremely messy.  A complete cleanup is not possible every day.  Expect that your house and yard may not be very attractive while the job is in progress.
  • New metal flashings may also be required.  Proper installation of flashings may require removal and reinstallation of siding which unavoidably damages the paint finish of the siding.
  • Existing gutter systems may need to be removed and replaced.
  • At the end of each day and at job completion, a large magnet will be run around your yard to pick up any loose nails.
  • Please be patient with us while the job is in progress.  When the job is completed, be assured that you will have a great looking roof using the best materials.
  • Final cleanup is as thorough as possible but you might occasionally still find a nail or small pieces of shingle debris embedded in the ground.
  • Minor damage to house, shrubbery, lawn, and siding may occur during the removal of the old roofing.
  • Our 2-year service warranty will be in effect upon completion of your job.
  • All jobs will be thoroughly inspected for your satisfaction before final payment is collected.
  • After serving Central New York State for more than 25 years, we stand behind our work and will address any concerns promptly.

“Crown Construction replaced my siding and parged my foundation. They were great to work with - quick response to any question, and professional and friendly. They kept me informed about timing and duration. The work itself was really well done. They siding looks fantastic and having the foundation parged was a relief. It feels like a new house. I appreciated the clear communication and the excellent work all around.”

Melanie C.
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“Crown Construction replaced my siding and parged my foundation. They were great to work with - quick response to any question, and professional and friendly. They kept me informed about timing and duration. The work itself was really well done. They siding looks fantastic and having the foundation parged was a relief. It feels like a new house. I appreciated the clear communication and the excellent work all around.”

Melanie C.

“We've had Crown do several projects at our home - including a complete kitchen, a complete bathroom, and siding. They are amazingly flexible with work schedule and working with us to keep costs down. Their staff are completely trustworthy and we've never had any qualms about giving them complete access to our home. We have an older farm house where nothing is straight or level - but to look at our kitchen and bath now, you'd never know it. We would highly recommend them.”

Charlie-Donna C.

“We were very happy with our experience with Crown Construction. They replaced our roof and windows, and the job was done professionally, at reasonable cost, and with excellent craftsmanship and customer service. Would definitely hire them again!”

Rob C.

“Crown Construction just finished doing our roof, with a full tear-off of the two layers of old shingles. They did a top-notch job with the flashing, underlayment, everything. We found some rotted wood underneath, and they fixed it up for a very small addition to the original price quote. They were professional, honest, quick, communicative, and responsible. The price was totally reasonable. Overall, a great experience.”

Jeff W.

“We have had excellent service from Crown, with each crew being knowledgeable, and extremely capable in their specialty area. They have also been very respectful, and careful, cleaning up carefully at the end of the day, and removing or securing any unused materials that might create a hazard. We will certainly call on them preferentially the next time we need work done.”

William P.

“We worked with Crown Construction on a fairly large project, including renovating our 1850's farmhouse kitchen and bathroom. Crown assisted in the Design, provided input and incorporated our feedback and worked with us to bring our vision to life! The work crew was professional, friendly and skilled, especially when working with an old home & all the issues that brings. We are very happy with the outcome!”

Lyn C.

“Our experience with Crown Construction was excellent. The workmen were always punctual, friendly and explained what they were doing and how they were doing it. The work was done thoroughly and to our satisfaction. They always cleaned up completely after they had finished the job for the day. My wife and I found it a pleasure to work with Crown Construction.”

Richard K.

“I have used Crown Construction for quite a few different projects at my house over the past decade. The fact that I return to them time after time is a testament to the quality of their work. They are professional in every way, from the initial consultation to the tiniest of final details. My most recent project was a bathroom remodel. In a home that’s almost two hundred years old, you never know what you’re going to find when you open up walls! This project didn’t fail to surprise us, but each new discovery was met with expertise and an appropriate solution. The end product is a beautiful and functional bathroom. The next time I need something done in my house, Crown will be my first phone call.”

Kathy B.
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