Bathroom Design for Dryden and Ithaca, NY

Crown Construction Inc.

Are you looking to update your bathroom design? Crown Construction Inc. will help you redesign and renovate your bathroom so that it perfectly suits your tastes and meets your needs. From start to finish our trusted remodeling team can design and create the primary bathroom, powder room, guest bathroom, or second bathroom of your dreams.

Primary Bathroom Remodeling

Primary Bathrooms should be a tranquil retreat, reflecting your personality and style. Whether you enjoy classic bathroom designs mixed with elements of nature, contemporary bathroom styles with masculine colors and clean lines, or vintage elegance with a claw-foot tub and restoration hardware, we can satisfy all of your bathroom remodeling needs.

Second Bathroom Remodeling

Crown Construction Inc.

Second Bathrooms are usually used by children or guests, and sometimes both. Creating a multi-purpose bathroom with classic design that balances style with imaginative storage solutions is all in a day’s work for our designers. Working closely with you, we can create the perfect guest bathroom or second bathroom design to increases privacy, improve accessibility, and maximize storage.

Powder Room Remodeling

Powder Rooms are used by your guests, so creating a relaxing and inviting space for their comfort will leave a lasting impression in their minds. Powder rooms can be created by borrowing space from a bedroom, hallway, or closet that is close to primary living space. Powder rooms are important because they allow you to keep the private living quarters of your home inaccessible, while providing a warm and inviting place for your guests to refresh.

Crown Construction Inc.

Sensational design and high-quality mechanical fixtures bring guaranteed dependability to every bathroom Crown Construction Inc. remodels. Call Crown Construction Inc. to speak to a member of our team about financing, or to schedule a consultation with one of our design professionals, to make your bathroom dreams a reality!

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