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Summertime is siding time!

The elements can really do a number on the siding of your home.  Crown Construction Inc. in Dryden, NY can handle all siding maintenance services, from repairing damaged pieces to complete siding replacements.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment for an estimate and be sure to check out our seasonal siding specials!


Your home’s siding serves two key purposes:  It protects the structure from the elements and it sets the tone and style of the house.  Good quality siding should last for many years as well as create a pleasing “face” for your home.

Crown Construction Inc.Thanks to advances in product technologies, homeowners have more siding choices than ever before.  In addition to traditional wood siding, many homeowners in the Ithaca, Cortland and Syracuse NY areas are also choosing low maintenance products such as vinyl siding and cement fiber siding.

Vinyl siding won’t rot, peel, dent, or show scratches, and it never needs expensive, time consuming painting. Today’s vinyl siding offers exceptional durability against the elements, and comes in a surprising variety of attractive styles, textures, and colors.

Cement fiber siding is made from non-combustible materials, meaning it cannot melt or be damaged by exposure to heat.  The durability of the fiber cement material is so strong; it lasts for decades without deteriorating.  The siding is offered in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns from a flat finish to a deep, realistic wood grain.  It can create instant curb appeal for any new or remodeled home.Crown Construction Inc.

Crown Construction has been helping Central New York homeowners repair and replace their siding since 1986.  Our installers are highly experienced in all siding applications and can handle the trickiest trim details so you get the crisp, new look you expect from your siding investment.

When choosing your siding, color can dramatically affect the overall look of your home. Here are some basic guidelines to consider when choosing your siding color:

  • Light colors enlarge the appearance of a house.
  • Dark colors visually reduce the size of a house.
  • Warm colors make special exterior features stand out.
  • Cool colors make features recede.
  • Monochromatic schemes will unify and simplify the exterior of a house.
  • Contrasting shades will add interest.

Trust the experts at Crown Construction to help you choose the siding material that best fits your needs and budget and to install it beautifully.

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